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Phone: (804) 883-5111

Martial Art Styles

Age-Appropriate Programs

There are many different martial arts disciplines that can be learned by children and adults alike. If you want to learn the essential techniques of women’s self-defense, kickboxing, and other martial art styles, come and visit Choice Martial Arts in Richland, WA. We provide martial arts instruction programs that are designed to match the needs of our children and adult students. Check out our gallery to see how we administer our classes and training sessions.
Red karate gloves
Red karate gloves

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You never know when the need to defend yourself will arise. Being prepared is the best weapon you can wield in times of danger and emergency. Give us a call at (509) 491-3472 to sign up for our self-defense classes. We can teach you how to properly maneuver a variety of efficient self-defense moves you can use to incapacitate your opponent long enough for you to be able to run for safety. When it comes to effective martial arts lesson, we are the experts to call.